Nice work!

For me to, this book really changed the way I organize my information, it’s a life changer. I use Evernote though, but the templates look useful!

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Great article, I’ve improved my productivity so much with my Notion second brain. I received implemented ways of quickly adding items to my inbox with the Notion webclipper and a Notion widget on my phone. How do you do this?

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I use the Reader App (https://read.readwise.io/) most of the time. Or I add notes directly to Notion.

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I've just subscribed to use Reader the other day, looks good!. Side note, I'm looking to autoforward my paid Substack articles via email as it seems the paid subscriptions won't work via RSS..

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As a productivity nerd, I enjoy these articles a lot, Petar!

I'll leave a few resources in case they are useful:

- About the idea of planning both the big picture and the daily stuff -> Cal Newport's podcast, in particular his concept of multi-scale planning

- About connecting daily tasks to bigger goals -> August Bradley's YouTube channel, in particular his system PPV (Process, Pipelines Vault).

I agree with your idea of starting with an MVP. Even the most complex systems are a MVP and they keep evolving.

Also, simplicity beats anything else, like in software. I deprecated a workflow I had with a few scripts and multiple tools to manage my meetings at work in favor of a simple snippet in Alfred to create those meeting notes only when I need them.

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